September 16-19, 2015 / Portorož, Slovenia



Invitation to participate at the FEBS3+: Molecules of Life Congress

The Slovenian Biochemical Society (SBS) together with the Croatian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (CSBMB), the Hungarian Biochemical Society (HBS) and the Serbian Biochemical Society (SBS) organizes an international congress FEBS3+: Molecules of Life under the auspices of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS), which will be held on September 16-19, 2015 in Portorož, Slovenia. Like at previous regional congress FEBS3+ that took place in Opatija, Croatia in 2012, also in Portorož we expect over 350 participants. We invited world-renowned lecturers from Slovenia and abroad to present their recent scientific findings within several research thematics.

We are addressing you with an invitation to participate at the international congress FEBS3+: Molecules of Life in Portorož, September 2015 and contribute in any financial or material aid. Your participation and your contribution to the success of the congress will be much appreciated. The sponsorship options are attached.We bid you a warm welcome to the congress and look forward to your cooperation.

Complete invitation letter to sponsors containing further details on participation is available in English and Slovene.

Prof. Nataša Poklar Ulrih, President of Organising Committee FEBS3+: Molecules of Life
Prof. Janko Kos, President of Slovenian Biochemical Society


List of sponsors

General Sponsors of the FEBS3+ Meeting
"Molecules of Life" 

FEBS3+ Sponsor: BIO-RAD International

FEBS3+ Sponsor: Labena

Sponsors of the FEBS3+ Meeting
"Molecules of Life"

FEBS3+ Sponsor: Mediline

FEBS3+ Sponsor: Roche   FEBS3+ Sponsor: Iskra PIO
FEBS3+ Sponsor: Chemass  FEBS3+ Sponsor: Hermes Analitica   FEBS3+ Sponsor: VWR
FEBS3+ Sponsor: TotalLab  FEBS3+ Sponsor: Mettler Toledo FEBS3+ Sponsor: Kemomed 
FEBS3+ Sponsor: Mikro+Polo  FEBS3+ Sponsor: OMEGA  FEBS3+ Sponsor: Sanolabor
FEBS3+ Sponsor: Instrumentalia  FEBS3+ Sponsor: Eppendorf FEBS3+ Sponsor: DONAU LAB 
FEBS3+ Sponsor: DONAU LAB  FEBS3+ Sponsor: JPK Instruments  FEBS3+ Sponsor: BIA

FEBS3+ Sponsor: ACCELA

(former Biotech-Europe)

 FEBS3+ Sponsor: RainDance Technologies FEBS3+ Sponsor: LKB 
  FEBS3+ Sponsor: ZEISS